Autism has been called The Hidden Epidemic...the nation's fastest growing, serious developmental disorder. New government studies indicate that autism is now thought to be higher than a previous U.S. estimate of 1 in 150. The new estimate is one in every 68 children, and five times more likely to strike boys (one in 42) than girls (one in 189). It is more common than Down Syndrome. It afflicts more children than cancer. No one knows its cause. No one has a cure. What happens to these children when they become adults? Autistic individuals do not die from this disease. They have a normal lifespan. Many with autism are unable to communicate effectively or socialize properly. They frequently exhibit abnormally repetitive behavior. They can be withdrawn and, while almost never violent toward others, can be destructive toward themselves and their environment. They need loving care, and their families desperately need support in order to cope.

Few resources - state, Federal or private - exist to help. Homes for Autism is working to fill that need, and you can help. You can help us continue to be the brightest hope for those impacted by autism, as we provide residences and, in the future, respite care for them. You can help with your energy and financial support. Our only support comes from those like you who see an opportunity to make a difference and decide to do it. Every gift helps.


Homes for Autism provides and maintains houses for adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

Homes for Autism exists to help people with autism achieve their best and to live and grow towards a better quality of life. We specialize in creative solutions to meet the needs of the people we serve and their families.

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