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One Time Donation
With your generous donation, we will be able to do additional repairs and maintenance on our current homes.

Become a Member

We hope that you appreciate the importance of our mission and its value to the community. Our repair and maintenance costs will continue to rise as our homes age.  Along with rising maintenance and repair costs, we are currently paying mortgage debt. With your help, we can address our maintenance needs and pay down the mortgages. With your help, Homes for Autism can grow along with the alarming rate of diagnosed autism.

$25per month
With your generous donation, we will be able to do additional repairs and maintenance on our current homes.
$50per month
With your generous donation we will accelerate our mortgage payments on existing homes, allowing us to add more homes sooner.
$200per month
Your donation will help us add new homes for additional houses for adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

Other Methods of Giving

There are many ways to financially support Homes for Autism, to speak with someone about planning a gift or donation, contact us!


Gifts of cash are most popular and convenient. A check payable to Homes for Autism is the simplest way to support. A pledged gift of cash may also be paid over a period of time.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Gifts may be pledged to celebrate a family member, business associate or friend’s birthday, marriage, anniversary, promotion, or in memory of a person who has passed away.

Matching Gifts

Over 1,000 companies participate in matching gift programs. Often, your gift can double if your employer participates in a matching gifts program. When making this type of gift, please mail the matching form provided by your human resources department with your gift.

Gifts of Property

There are several options available when donating real estate. An outright gift of a house, land or vacation property avoids capital gains taxes and entitles the donor to a tax deduction for the full value of the gift. There are also options that allow the donor to give property and retain use of the it for his or her lifetime.

Estate Planning

Include Homes for Autism in your will. Through a bequest, a gift may be made through the donor’s will and is the simplest and most common form of a planned gift.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance can provide a significant year-end charitable deduction. Either an existing policy you own but no longer need or a newly purchased policy can be used for a deduction. (To receive a deduction, designate Homes for Autism the owner and beneficiary of the policy. The premiums are then tax deductible)

Appreciated Securities

A gift of appreciated publicly traded securities can bring the donor two significant advantages. First, you avoid paying capital gains on the increased value of the gifted stock. Second, you receive a charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock when the gift is made.

Please Note: We strongly encourage you to contact your accountant or professional tax advisor to discuss your personal situation.

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